About Us


Sand Flea Outfitters

Destin, FL

Sand Flea Outfitters is a full service, locally owned and operated surf fishing rental & charter company. We are a unique one of a kind fishing charter you won’t anywhere else in Destin, we are the only fishing charter to specialize in surf fishing and offer surf fishing rentals in Destin.

 Our owner/operator, Weldon Hall, has over 30 years of fishing experience and knowledge in everything from small stream fly fishing to offshore big game fishing but his true passion and calling has always been surf fishing the white sand beaches of Destin. Sand Flea Outfitters was born out of an unquenchable thirst to share his love and knowledge of surf fishing with the Destin community, visitors and locals alike.

Just like in life there are no guarantee’s in fishing but by booking a charter with or renting gear from Sand Flea Outfitters you can stack the odds of success in your favor. We strive to provide all of our customers and guests with the best surf fishing expeirence you can get any where in the world.  Our knowledgeable and friendly guides will have you creating memories and surf fishing like a pro in no time , that much we can guarantee.

Along with being more affordable than traditional fishing charters, all of our surf fishing rental and charter packages can be customized to suit your needs and wants. We strive to make our surf fishing services accessible, educational and memorable for everyone involved.